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About Us

About us

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Founded in 1998, Kiaeneto (a term derived from KINETICS), refering to an object MOVING WITH ACCELERATING ENERGY.  Hence the name KIÆNETO) Kiaeneto is pronounced “Kuh-net-o” and has been providing quality apparel to gamers in-the-know for nearly a decade.  Kiaeneto's slogan, A Revolution of a Different Kind, fits our rising generation perfectly.


Founded in 1998, Kiaeneto (pronounced “Kuh-net-o”) has been providing quality apparel to gamers in-the-know for nearly a decade. Built on the understanding that gaming is much more than just a pastime--but rather a lifestyle--Kiaeneto is driven by the desire to unite today's gamers and represent the identity of the culture we have all helped to build and love.

Our Vision

In just a few short years, Kiaeneto has grown from a basement project into a full-blown operation of professional equipment and a dedicated staff of like-minded gamers. Mikey Sabo and partner Dave Walsh have built their vision to be the icon of a new generation of gamers who reject the notion of the “nerdy-gamer” stereotype and are looking for a deeper form of expression. They realize that their passion is embraced by millions and are constantly striving to offer a line of clothes that are as strikingly unique as the art of gaming itself. Gaming continues to grow and change—talented players are now making a living from competition, and gaming is quickly eclipsing television and movies in popularity and cultural influence—and Kiaeneto will be there every step of the way.
Truly, we are witnessing a Revolution of a Different Kind.


A tremendous amount of care goes into each product we manufacture rendering unique hemlines, stitching details, and a perfect no-shrinkage fit. All of our products are garment washed yielding an extremely soft fabric, which is vintage in feel but modern in style. Fabrication is an extremely important element of the Kiaeneto line.

Always made in the USA.
We do not support sweatshops.